#5200 2 Station Slat Machine


   Dimensions:  100" L x 20" W x 44" H
   Weight:  500-600 lbs.
   Air Pressure Requirement:  80 psi, 3 cfm
   Lead-in PVC Stand Available (#5350/#5400)
Rout Dies
   Dimensions:  3-1/2" L x 2" W x 2-1/2" H
   Weight:  2.6 lbs.

Key Benefits

Fabricates 1", 2" and 3" horizontal products 
1/2 inch stroke permits deep punch angle for clean wood punching
Separate stacking trays for raw material and finished punched slats
Pressure switch or foot pedal activation is available
Stations have pin locators to match headrail specifications
Improved station lock down system
Sloped product support blocks are included

Available Models

#5200 - 2 Station Pneumatic Slat Punching Machine
#5250 - 2 Station Pneumatic - Upgradeable to 4 Stations
#5350 - 3 Station Pneumatic Cut and Punch Machine - Upgradeable to 4 Stations
#5400 - 4 Station Pneumatic Slat Punching Machine

The pneumatic horizontal series machines have the capability of punching either 2 or 4 routs. The #5200 is an entry level, 2 station machine that punches 2 routs simultaneously. Dies are easily interchangeable to accommodate a variety of product types and/or widths. If four punches are necessary when using the #5200, the operator simply rotates the slats and follows the same operation procedures. The model #5250 is a 2 station machine that is upgradeable to 3 or 4 stations.

The #5350 Slat Punching and Cutting Machine has been designed specifically to produce vinyl or other horizontal products that require a cut-off with rounded corners. This 3 station machine utilizes an end feed system to provide both the cut and punch processes on vinyl blinds. Adjustable guides at feed-in point and end stop ensures punch accuracy and accommodates varying widths of product. The cut-off die is located in the middle station and is radiused to accommodate up to 2 1/8" width product, with the rout punches located at the outside stations. An optional feed-in table holds 16 foot stock and provides alignment for the individual slats as they are being processed. The #5350 machine offers the additional versatility of operating as a standard 2 station punching machine (by disabling the cut-off die), or can be upgraded to function as a standard 4 station punching machine.

#5350 Slat Punching and Cutting Machine

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