Horizontal Blind Equipment

      Headrail Dies and Machines

Pneumatic Horizontal Slat Machines
Team B & B offers an economical series of pneumatic slat machines that fabricate 1", 2" or 3" horizontal products, such as wood and alternative products such as PVC, foam core, etc. These versatile machines can be provided in 2, 3 or 4 station configurations for punch only or cut and punch operations.
Electric Horizontal Slat Machine
Team B & B Electric Machinery has earned a reputation for SPEED and DURABILITY. The 5000CS Series has the expandability to be upgraded into a fully automated machine. Specialty dies give the machine the flexibility to fabricate a wide range of materials, shapes and sizes. The rack and pinion system promotes accuracy, enhances efficiency and increases productivity. These key factors contribute to profitability and are essential to any successful horizontal blind manufacturer.
Automatic Horizontal Slat Punch and Laddering Machine
The newest technology in horizontal blind high production machines. Time really is money! Our All-New B & B 6200 Series Electric Horizontal equipment are state of the art processing machines for wood and composite products which incorporate an automatic feed and laddering system. These versatile machines currently accommodate both 2 and 2 1/2 inch slat widths with nominal adjustments.
Horizontal Head Rail Dies
Team B & B puts you in the winners circle with its innovative head rail systems. We have a proven track record of providing DURABLE & RELIABLE fabrication dies for the window treatment industry. We have designed various Head Rail fabricating systems to meet your fabrication needs.

Shutter Manufacturing Equipment

       Stapling and Drilling Machines

Stapling Machines
Team B & B's innovative DSU-200 Tilt Rod Stapler and DSU-310 Louver Stapler and Drilling Machine package is the engine behind your shutter program success story. Whether you are producing Pre-finished Wood, Natural Wood, Composite Product or MDF materials, we have the machines that will put you first over the finish line!
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       Stile Drilling Machine
       Routers and Shapers
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