4 Station #5000CS




5000CS Series
   Dimensions:  122" L x 20" W x 44" H
   Max Blind Size:  108"
   Weight:  500-600 lbs.
   Power Supply: 110V (adaptable to International requirements)
   Rout:  .75" X .125" Standard. Custom sizes available

Available Models

#5000ACS    2 Station Rack & Pinion - Punch Only
#5000CS       4 Station Rack & Pinion - Punch Only
#5500CS       5 Station Rack & Pinion - Punch Only
#5550CS       5 Station Rack & Pinion - 4 Punch/ 1 PVC Double Radius Cut Off
#5600CS       6 Station Rack & Pinion - 4 Punch/ 2 PVC Single Radius Cut Offs

Custom Configurations available on all models

Team B & B Electric Machinery has earned a reputation for SPEED and DURABILITY. The 5000CS Series has the EXPANDABILITY to be upgraded into a fully automated machine. Specialty dies give the machine the FLEXIBILITY to fabricate a wide range of materials, shapes and sizes. The rack and pinion system promotes ACCURACY, enhances EFFICIENCY and increases PRODUCTIVITY. These key factors contribute to PROFITABILITY and are essential to any successful horizontal blind manufacturer.

Key Benefits

Upgradeable to Fully Automatic
High Speed 110V Electric
30% More Blinds Per Shift
Crank Operated Rack & Pinion System
Significantly Reduced Set Up Time
Sound & Secure Lock-Down Stations
Precise Head Rail Index System
Standard 108" Wide Blind Capacity
Rout Hole Waste Collection System
Electric Auto Activation Switch
2-6 Routs & Cut Off Configurations
Routs Slats from 1" to 3"
Wood, Foam, PVC & Composite
Exclusive Quick--Change Dies
Specialty Die Configurations
Custom Dies Available
Control Box With Counter
Sloped Slat Supports
Dual Level Slat Trays
1 Year Factory Warranty

Shaft Driven
The Keyed Steel Shaft delivers power and synchronization while the Brass Alignment sleeves provide the Cast Stations unmatched stability and ease of movement.

Head Rail Index System
The Head Rail Index System allows the punched Head Rail to Act as the template for setting up the punch stations. The 90* index pointers make precision alignment Fast, Easy and Accurate

Rack & Pinion System
This B & B exclusive System provides the fastest and most precise station positioning, reducing set up time by 30%. Moving stations is no longer a difficult task and operator error is virtually eliminated.

Quick Change Dies
The addition of steel guide pins located in the station base guarantees precise die location without further adjustments. Once the die is locked in place, simply insert the unique B & B Magnetic Punch pins.

Once in position the Lever Activated Locks secure the station to eliminate movement while the slats are routed.

Slat Supports
Non-Marking coated aluminum support ramps, guide the slats throughout the punching process.

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